Bots vs Humans: BBC News Interviews Daniel Julien

Consumers have become more individualized and channels have multiplied, but the customer is still the focal point for every meaningful interaction. This was again clear in an interview that Susannah Streeter of BBC World News held with Teleperformance Founder and CEO, Daniel Julien.

In the 41 years since Julien founded the company he has seen Teleperformance, and the industry as a whole, morph from providing just telesales and voice only services to delivering more personalized, empathetic CX services across multiple channels and devices. “Technology developments and computing power have helped us to access online (real-time) data and information so that our service agents can help customers to solve their day-to-day problems,” said Julien.

Responding to a question by Streeter regarding consumer frustration with chat bots, Julien said bots are a new, intelligent version of interactive voice response (IVR) systems and are not there to replace human customer service agents. “They will assist human agents to address real rational and emotional demands,” he said.

“For the next 5 years we are going to continue to see a mixture of AI (and robotics) assisting (and enabling) human agents.”

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