6 C-Levels and 5 Key Areas for Effective CX

CEOs are becoming increasingly aware that the only way to compete in the modern commercial arena is to gain, and maintain, the loyalty of their consumer base.

Ensuring effective Customer Experience (CX) requires the buy-in of multiple C-Level executives from the top down.

Effective CX requires cross-enterprise buy-in from:

CX also requires a significant investment in the tools, procedures and interactions available to make customer information meaningful, by providing effective customer intelligence initiatives.

Attracting the support of the CEO, CIO and CFO is required to turn them into ‘champions of CX within the enterprise’. This is extremely beneficial if there is a need to procure and deploy specialised CX technology.

The marketing and customer experience teams must drive the significance of the development of customer intelligence and CX technology home to corporate decision makers. But top-down influence from the CEO is also required.

The support of the CIO needs to be obtained, for a CX or Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution to be effectively deployed.

The CEO with the CMO and CXO should set the vision for an enterprise-wide CX initiative.

Director Level (D-Level) executives should take this vision and incorporate it into best practice strategy and planning.

Source: Connect the experience

Five key areas that must be addressed include:

  • Judging the effectiveness and value of marketing initiates;
  • Dealing with outdated or ineffective technology;
  • Limited support from IT; and
  • The overwhelming weight of information that needs to be analysed; as well as
  • The inability to access customer data when needed.

Without deploying a full CX solution, enterprises are effectively losing out on leveraging full value from the customer intelligence they have invested in gathering.

Three main options are suggested in developing a CX solution:

Part of the role of the CFO in implementing a CEM solution is to convince other company officers, including the CEO, of the sustained profitability that the company may obtain through long-term effective customer support.

Management Level (M-Level) executives would then implement CX at an operational level – with all executives maintaining a 360-degree view.

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