Video: 10 Employee Experience (EX) Trends

In a recent video, we demonstrated why Employee Experience (EX) Matters. This video reveals 10 trends that will impact on EX and how HR leaders will need to apply a consumer and digital lens to the HR function. From blended workforces to piloting chatbots to create conversational experiences, these trends are based on an article published by Forbes entitled: The Employee Experience is the Future of Work: 10 HR trends for 2017 by Jeanne Meister, a workplace futurist and author.

What is EX?
HR consultancy, DecisionWise, sums it up in this paragraph: “EX is not what we call the “Employee Life Cycle” (ELC). The Employee Life Cycle is part of a larger EX concept. ELC is made up of all the steps or processes in which an employee participates during his or her relationship with an organization. The ELC is chronological and sequential, and assumes a beginning and an end. It takes into account important events and processes, such as recruiting, onboarding, employee development, promotion, exit interviews, etc., and it starts with an employee’s first contact with an organization to the last interaction after termination.”

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