How Telstra is Improving In-Store Experience

Telstra is improving in-store experience across its network of over 360 stores across Australia. In 2014, management decided to bring the retail and customer experience into the digital era. This video explains how they did it and some of the great technology they have deployed over the years.

Telstra Corporation is an Australian telecommunications and media company which builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services.

anyd penn telstraTelstra CEO, Andy Penn, recently delivered a talk at the American Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne about the intersection between emerging technologies, disruptive business models, and new patterns of customer behaviour and expectations.

“There is a lot written today about how technology innovation is disrupting traditional business models. I think the point is more subtle than this. Technology innovation is not just disrupting traditional business models it is facilitating the transformation of customer experiences,” says Penn.

“We are all familiar with the Uber example. Uber has taken a relatively simple piece of technology and completely transformed an experience, that let’s face it, until Uber came along was one of the worst customer experiences anywhere around the world.”

Penn went on to say that: “The question I would ask in your business is where are the customer pain points? Where do you already know that you let your customers down? What aspects of your service are your customers most frustrated with? Identify these and fix them quickly because I believe this is where technology disruption is most likely to arrive first.”

Telstra Store“This is the journey we are on at Telstra. This is why our aspiration is to become a world class technology company so that we can leverage technology to provide a better customer experience.”

As an example the Telstra 24/7 app now has 2.6 million active users. More customers now interact with Telstra online than in person and the telecoms company has progressively enhanced functionality to help customers get the most out of their services.

“We are witnessing an exponential growth in data which is driven by the massive shift to mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT), with the ability to store and access that data in the cloud, together with computing power and advanced algorithms. It is these things together that are providing the capacity to solve almost limitless problems,” says Penn.

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