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New CX Realities with the Biden Administration

As Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America, the team at Genesis Global Business Services | Knowledge Executive and Ryan Strategic Advisory were busy finalising a special report and whitepaper entitled: New CX Realities with the Biden Administration.

The special report was prepared from insights and predictions delivered by leading industry analysts and knowledge leaders during a recent talk show. The webinar explored what a Biden administration means for customer service outsourcing and offshoring, as well as the approach the President might take concerning industry-specific policies.

A line-up of leading industry analysts and influencers

The report includes thought leadership comments, statements and predictions from:

  • Bill Pieper – President at EPIC Connections and a veteran in contact center strategy.
  • Stuart Discount – Independent Consultant and seasoned BPO and CX industry
  • veteran.
  • Simon Danczuk – Business Consultant and Chairman at Downtown In Business
  • London; former Member of UK Parliament
  • Peter Ryan – Chief Analyst and President at Ryan Strategic Advisory.
  • Mark Angus – CEO, Researcher, and Strategist at Genesis Global Business Services and Knowledge Executive.

The special report includes sections covering:

  • Predicting Biden’s Agenda and Team Picks
  • Clarity and Stability Top of Mind
  • Data Regulation and New Legislation
  • Minimum Wage Adjustments
  • New Opportunities for Latin America and Caribbean

Key insights from knowledge leaders

Peter Ryan is quoted as saying: “As long as Biden and his team can provide a commercial direction in terms of where they want to take the US, businesses can more easily strategize their CX initiatives.”

His words were echoed by Stuart Discount who stated: “Any new leadership will be entirely different. With the Democrats now also controlling the Senate, we’re going to see major impacts on future regulation for the CX industry”.

Commenting on minimum wage adjustments, Bill Pieper noted that the adjustments boded well for the industry. “I think that post-COVID there will be an increased need for outsourcing outside the US, mainly because the higher minimum wage means they won’t have a cost-effective workforce to lean on at home.”

The report wraps up in a positive note with Simon Danczuk stating: “There’s no doubt that political change can cause worry and stress, but it’s also an exciting time. People should look at this new government as an opportunity to adapt and remain fresh in a new business climate.”

You can download the special report here

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