Global CX Benchmarking Report: Why Does CX Matter?

Why does CX matter? The top business benefits from improving CX capability are important dimensions that need to be focused on to deliver excellent CX fusion between the customer, employees and the business. Balancing and aligning the satisfaction of customers and employees with the business strategy is the foundation for excellent CX. This is a clear message from this year’s Global Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarking Report.

Over four in every five organisations (81.4%) view CX as a competitive differentiator. The numbers are comparable when viewing service provider types, business-to-consumer, business-to-business and sales operation results all ranging from 81.7% up to 84.8%. However, the number of organisations that fail to recognise the importance of CX is falling to just 8.6%, a drop of 36% since 2015. This video “Why does CX matter?” explains more.

CX Delivery Is Being Damaged

There’s an overwhelming appreciation from organisations on the importance of CX. Establishing trust is the leading driver of CX, followed by the matching of service experiences to brand values. More than eight in 10 companies recognise CX as a differentiator, and it’s the number one indicator of strategic performance. It drives revenues, is proven to reduce costs and even adds to employee engagement levels, yet just one third of operations rate their own services at a level of eight out of 10 or better.

However, CX delivery is being damaged by a lack of process management, particularly across the expanding choice of digital pathways. Personalisation, intelligent automation and the ability to connect customer journeys powered by intelligence from analytics, will do most to reshape CX capabilities in the next five years. CX has to adapt by committing to the opportunity created by the digital revolution.

CX Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

“CX is not a one-size-fits-all solution for customers, and this is equally true of an organisation’s CX strategy. CX must be shaped to represent each individual organisation’s brand values, business strategy, operational capability and its customer requirements,” says Mike Wells, Group Senior Director, CX Consulting, Dimension Data who was quoted in the report.

“There are tested approaches and supporting technologies to attain an organisation’s aspirations. However, many struggle to personalise an approach to their needs whilst trying to deliver personalised CX to their customers,” says Wells who went on to say: “Some organisations have determined that there isn’t a set approach to omnichannel, and they’ve decided against connecting all channels. They’ve opted to optimise channel integration strategies based on value in a phased approach. These organisations are still delivering relevant solutions and successfully enhancing customer experiences.”

Source: 2017 Global Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarking Report.

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Webinar Recording

Dimension Data and Calabrio recently facilitated a webinar entitled: “Digital crisis or redemption: the uncomfortable truth”. You can view a recording of the full webinar here.


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