Mark Hillary

Mark is a British writer and noted E-CX blogger based in São Paulo. He is a former tech executive turned communication adviser via his experience writing books and blogs on technology, work, and globalization. Edited by Mark, CX Files is an independent podcast site focused on the emerging technologies and trends influencing Customer Experience (CX). You can reach Mark at

The length – or lifetime – of customer service interactions and experiences

Thomas Reby is a Senior Strategy Manager at Google in Ireland. He is an internationally experienced CX professional, with a proven track record of leading multi-national teams and business programs in the service and commerce industries. I met Thomas at a conference in Dublin and we had a conversation about the length of the modern […] More

Automation in Contact Centres – is it Hype or High-Priority?

Peter Ryan is one of the most recognised international experts on customer experience (CX) globally. A stalwart at the respected industry analyst firm Ovum, where he spent many years leading their research into contact centres, he created his own company, the Montreal-based Ryan Strategy Advisory in 2016. More