Facilities Management Outsourcing

The 2017 Facilities Management South Africa Survey that looks at trends, forecasts and predictions in the facilities management (FM) sector, has been released.

Knowledge Executive received the assignment to conduct the survey at the behest of the Servest Group, a facilities management service provider, with the support and endorsement of the South African Facilities Management Association (SAFMA). The report zones in on the latest FM outsourcing trends, the challenges and expectations between buyers and providers, progressive local and global innovations for facilities service delivery and the major game changers and outlook for FM services in South Africa over the next five years.

So what does the future hold for facilities management outsourcing and services in South Africa? Over 50% of the end-user respondents want to return to in-house management or absorb facilities services into broader business process outsourcing (BPO). However an equally large amount (43%) will continue to outsource their FM services. Service quality, access to technical expertise, reducing costs and the ability for end-users to focus on their core business will drive outsourcing in the next five years.

Global, European and African nearshore outsourcing will increase fair bit in the next five years, while there will be moderate growth in total facilities management (TFM), integrated services and TFM and property services. Bundled services will increase substantially while single services will decrease.

There are six major game changers that will influence the FM sector over the next five years. They include:

  • Digitisation & Technology: with the adoption of new technology and innovatons augmented by the digitisation and automation of FM services.
  • Customer Experience (CX): that includes improved FM service delivery and providing more value across all spectrums of FM services.
  • Cost Saving: which is highlighted as a major game changer and important objective throughout the survey.
  • Knowledge Leadership: whereby end-users will look for more skills, training, knowledge transfer and smarter and empowered FM teams.
  • Employee Experience (EX): that includes creating agile workforces utilising automation for mundane tasks thereby enabling FM managers to focus on more complex functions.
  • Sustainablity: to balance FM optimisation with sustainable systems and processes.
  • Good Data: that will enable FM teams to analyse and interpret data in real-time and make better, informed decisions.

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